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No SEO strategy will be successful without Social Media Optimization SMO Services. Social media Optimization offers excellent opportunities for sharing something. It requires creating a profile in a social network, publicizing it to acquire followers or friends, sending friend requests, and then posting interesting comments, useful or exciting videos and pictures, and more. Exciting posts will be shared by your followers with their friends in that social network or even outside. This concept is proving invaluable for attracting the right kind of traffic to business websites, which is what social media marketing (SMM) is all about.

Online marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, search engine marketing - whatever we call it, can be a truly effective marketing method that offers businesses of any size a number of great opportunities to grow. With the main aim of increasing brand awareness of your products and services, we at Emulate are best Social Media Marketing Company in Lucknow providing exclusive marketing through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumble Upon and others.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be used along with Search Engine Optimization SEO Services to produce the best marketing results in traffic and search ranking position. It involves increased activity on social sites including initiating dialogs, sharing views, post videos and viral marketing content.



Social Media Optimization SMO is not an independent online marketing strategy rather an important element of the search engine optimization SEO campaign. It has been included in the regular service of every professional SEO Company. Although social media optimization SMO is still not considered by many as an effective marketing option, it has huge potential for generating traffic and sales. When applied in combination with SEO, SMO can lead to faster branding and marketing of your website. If you are not aware of its significance in high search engine ranking position, then consult Emulate Infotech Pvt. Ltd which is the best Online Marketing Company in Lucknow for immediate guidance. Apart from its viral marketing approach, SMO is preferred for its cost-efficiency and fastest engagement and development of community growth.

SMO Social Media Optimization or SEM Search Engine Marketing is now recommended by every SEO Company for building your brand awareness and brand reputation online. If you are continuing your search engine optimization SEO without SMO or SEM services, it can be a lengthy process before your website appears at the top ten ranking positions on search engine result pages (SERP). However, promotional activities including creation of your company page, sharing of videos, and posting of comments on social media sites can help you build your community faster and get higher sales response.

Emulate SMO Company in Lucknow assures to set your tone right and add to your marketing functions. So, it is necessary to seek the guidance of a Social Media Management Company with specialization in Digital Marketing. Emulate Digital Marketing Agency will be able to offer the right SMO plan or SMO package for the viral growth of your business. With effective social media optimization SMO tools and techniques, the Social Media Marketing Company will push forward your site’s search ranking position and traffic.

Social media networks are generally created around a theme such as an image sharing, video sharing on social media, news sharing, networking, bookmarking, blogging or all of these together. Digital Marketing Companies in Lucknow can assist you to choose the best social media platforms that will work wonders for your business and create a suitable online marketing strategy



  • Facebook Marketing- Facebook Marketing- With 2.20 billion monthly active Facebook users Facebook is the leader and the king of social media. Opening a Facebook account is very easy but getting the genuine followers in quick time requires planning and strategies and the kind of Facebook posts you make. We create user-friendly Facebook fan page designs that will get you likes and followers from worldwide thereby increasing sales and brand awareness. We will be posting comments and run interesting Facebook ads to attract targeted customer to your business. Facebook marketing, advertising, and Facebook campaign management is an ideal option for any business owner.
  • Twitter Marketing- With 335 million monthly active users Twitter is a unique Social Networking platform for reaching out to the targeted audience. Twitter well-known as a micro-blogging website allows businesses to use its Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Twitter Analytics in their digital marketing campaigns. Emulate is the Best SMO Company in Lucknow which can help you to manage your Twitter accounts by automating posts from news feeds thereby generating more Twitter followers to your business page.
  • YouTube Marketing- With 1.8 billion users YouTube is recognized as the most popular online video sharing website for uploading any kind of videos or movies. Useful or trending videos get shared very easily. Creating useful videos for users with a slight marketing twist or website links can certainly help in targeted traffic and exposure of business. Emulate YouTube marketing services can be useful for your business to establish a great video presence online. We create YouTube videos that showcase your business products or services and direct customers to your website
  • Google+ Marketing- With 111 million Google+ users Google Plus offers your business a distinctive chance to build a powerful network and boost your website visibility online. Google Plus is mainly used for promoting local businesses. We at Emulate SMO Services in Lucknow use this marketing tool successfully to popularize your brand by engaging a community of online customers, share the latest news related to your product or services and keep your business dynamic and relevant. We manage an optimized Google plus business profile for your business that shall drive more leads to your website.
  • LinkedIn Marketing- With 450 million LinkedIn users worldwide, LinkedIn can be used as a great lead generating the tool for any business type. LinkedIn is a professional platform and a great online marketing tool for B2B sector. Joining different LinkedIn Group related to your business allows you to interact directly with your target groups, connect with those decision makers, network, hire them and share thoughtful insights about the industry. Emulate SMO, SEM agency in Lucknow will create and optimize your LinkedIn Business profile page and share value-added content to enhance your visibility online.


Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization can easily grow the number of social users and increase your marketing experience with the advantages of-

  • An Increased volume of traffic and a better page rank since Social Media Marketing/ Optimization (SMO) service gives way to referral traffic
  • Reduced bounce rates and more conversions through viral content and backlinks to inner pages on your site
  • Heavy customer loyalty created through efficient branding and reputation management on all popular social media platforms The performance of SEO depends on quality content and backlinks whereas SMO is driven by your user experience, business market value and online reputation. Your SEM Search Engine Marketing Agency should know what to write about your service offerings that users in your social sphere would like and purchase. The main concept of SMO is to build your community and grow your business in a viral manner. So, don’t hesitate to utilize SMO for building and growing a community of interested users. How you can do this? In the following easier ways:
  • Your content should be compelling and allow readers on social sites to vote, comment or share. As a result new visitors will come to join the discussion and give their own personal remark.
  • You may target a specific community by giving service or product details to a limited number of users on Facebook and other networking sites. It will not only inform your social users but also allow them to make the right purchase decision


  • Social Media Audit
  • Build Your Audience
  • Engage with Customer
  • Social Posting & Sharing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Reporting

If you want to build a community on your business area and convert it into a loyal customer base without consuming much time, SMO services by best Social Media Advertising agency like Emulate can be really effective. Emulate Infotech Pvt. Ltd is recognized as the top Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow and online Reputation Management ORM Company in Lucknow for several years. Get in touch with our social media professionals and experts for effective social media optimization SMO Services for any kind of business

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